Firearms training Amarillo, TexasModus Operandi, LLC offers professional firearms training at its best.

Whether you are a responsible U.S. citizen already familiar with your daily carry weapon system or you have just come to the realization that your personal protection is solely dependent upon yourself, Modus Operandi can provide you with the training and knowledge needed to defend yourself when violent crime occurs.

How prepared are you for a violent attack?

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of a concealed handgun license. A firearm is nothing more than a tool, slave to its master. If you choose the firearm as a force option, training becomes necessary. “You do not rise to the occasion. You sink to the level of your training.” Get out and train!

When it comes to professional firearms training, look no further.

Modus Operandi provides training in weapon manipulation, marksmanship and tactics.  These three basic elements are paramount to survive a defensive confrontation. Defensive implies reaction. Reaction, most often, is slower than action. Therefore, our professional firearms training is built for a quick and reflexive technique. We are your source for defensive shooting and tactics instruction serving  Amarillo Texas and surrounding areas. Modus Operandi can meet and exceed your expectations!

Andi Amarillo, TX

I grew up using rifles however had never used a handgun, so I was a bit nervous about the CHL class. I took a private lesson from Cody prior to the class which helped assure me that I was ready to take the full course. Cody's classes are small so there is opportunity to ask questions and hear other peoples thoughts. 

Cody is very committed, thorough and professional in his training and I will continue to recommend him to folks that I know are interested in getting a CHL License.