Learning to shoot while under duress (simulated stress)




  1. 20 KB swings
  2. Tire hops x’s 4 each
  3. Tire flips x’s 4 each
  4. 100 yard sprint; 1 steel; 1hit required
  5. 2 steel; 5 rounds each @ 40 yards
  6. 3 paper; 3 rounds each with required magazine change between each @ 10 yards
  7. 2 steel


  1. 20 KB swings
  2. Tire hops x’s 4 each
  3. Tire flips x’s 4 each
  4. 50 yard KB farmers carry
  5. 2 steel; 5 rounds each @ 40 yards
  6. 1 paper; 5 rounds; right hand only
  7. Center paper; failure drill; freestyle
  8. left paper; 5 rounds; left hand only

Group Training

Do you have a group or organization that would like to work on team building skills?  Or, relax and enjoy one another in a completely different environment? Give me a call to discuss training options. Bring your spouse’s or customers too!

Enviro-Ag Engineering  Amarillo, TX 

APR-08, 2016


Learning different “ready” positions. This specific position is called Sul. Portuguese for “south”. A good ready position for shooters to learn that might encounter other people around them. Other “ready” positions learned are: High ready, Low ready and Compressed ready.






Learning how to engage and shoot threats in a 3 dimensional environment is required work if you carry a gun for personal safety or whether you carry one for work!

(the above training was done under direct supervision of  professional personnel. do not attempt on your own with proper instruction)



We take training seriously at Modus Operandi, LLC. Here an extra effort has been given to show the shooter how important hits are! A miss is always a miss no matter how fast you are.





Learning how to shoot multiple targets while moving in and around objects or obstructions is a necessary skill to have if you choose to carry a firearm for self-defense.


The additional stress that is added under completion is a useful training tool. Remember, in a gunfight, there are no Second Place Winners!

MAN  vs. MAN 

Smooth is Fast. Fast is always Smooth.



Frank Proctor’s The Way of The Gun 50 yard zero

In this video I explain how to achieve a 50 yard zero shooting from only 10 yards away from your zeroing target. This method is very quick and efficient. I zeroed this new Daniel Defense MK18 in under 10 minutes, using less than 15 rounds of ammunition. Confirmed it too! Enjoy…


Here, I am showing 3 hits literally taking out an ink pen width red line exactly 1.9 inches below my POA (point of aim). Noooice!







Here, I am showing the 50 yard confirmation. Shot from a stable prone position.