Firearms Training

Whether you are a responsible U.S. citizen already familiar with your daily carry weapon system or you have just come to the realization that you personal protection is soley dependent upon yourself, Modus Operandi can provide you with the training and knowledge needed to defend yourself when violent crime occurs. OUR PHILOSOPHY – “Firearms training should be accountable, real and fresh” Your training must be ACCOUNTABLE.  It must be measurable and held to a standard. Capable of being explained. Statistics of violent crime give us an idea on how to train. Keep your training REAL. It should be realistic in nature and relevant to your mode of operation! Your training must reflect the tactical use of the tools you choose and carry. Keep you firearms training FRESH. Shooting, eye speed and hand-eye coordination are all perishable skills. Do what you can to keep those muscle memory skills sharp.Your Source for Defensive Shooting & Tactics Instruction Serving the Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico Tri-State Area

As a federal law enforcement officer, I have carried a gun and practiced with it for many years. Last year I became interested in bettering my firearms skills and was fortunate to meet Cody Wilhelm. Watching him in action, it became immediately apparent that he was a highly skilled defensive shooter and tactician. Cody’s speed and accuracy are most impressive, as his detailed knowledge of combat handgun tactics. In addition to being a remarkable shooter, Cody is an exceptional teacher as well. He can demonstrate a skill and then fully explain the conceptual framework behind the skill. In addition to teaching how something is done, Cody is also careful to explain why things are done a certain way. I found my first private lesson with Cody to be invaluable. He revised my stance, improved my grip and helped me to discover that I am left eye dominate. If that weren’t enough, I learned that the trigger control technique I was using was completely out of order. No wonder I hadn’t been a very good shot all those years! I’ve also taken a class which was fun and insightful. For the past several months now, I’ve been ingraining the new fundamentals that Cody taught me. My shooting has markedly improved and I look forward to continuing my training with him.

J. Special Agent IRS Criminal Investigation