Pistol Training Courses

Modus Operandi offers five Pistol training courses designed to cover all the development stages of a pistol shooter, from beginning shooters to advanced, defensive and tactical.

Our Five Pistol Training Courses

  1. Level I Basic Handgun
  2. Level II Advanced Handgun
  3. Level III Defensive Handgun
  4. Level IV Tactical Handgun
  5. Level V Fighting Handgun

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FAQs About Our Pistol Training Courses

Where are your defensive shooting classes held?
Do I have to pre-pay for class?
How soon do I need to preregister for an upcoming course?
Do I have to fill out a student registration?
Can I withdraw from class and get my money back?
What if I get sick or have an emergency and can't make the class?
Are shoulder holsters, SOB (small of back) or cross-draw holsters allowed in L-I through L-V class?
Are Blackhawk SERPA holsters allowed in class?
Will class be cancelled due to inclement weather?
Do you offer kids only classes?
I don't see a class date that works for me. Can you schedule an L-I through L-V class that is not listed?
I had very little experience with a handgun before taking Cody’s classes through Modus Operandi. I wanted to gain some basic knowledge and become more confident in my shooting abilities. I even had a CHL permit, but by no means did I feel prepared to carry a handgun. I have taken levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Cody. I am very impressed by his teaching ability. He is easy to understand and can demonstrate any skill he is trying to teach. After taking the first few classes with Cody, I was amazed with how much information there is to learn in regards to shooting a handgun. I am now confident to carry my handgun in any situation and my abilities have improved tremendously since I began working with Cody. What started out as a mild interest in defensive pistol skills has grown into a passion for handgun shooting. I would recommend Cody’s classes and instruction to anyone interested in defensive pistol shooting. Whether you are new to shooting or carry a handgun on the job, you can learn something from Cody Wilhelm.Todd - Amarillo, TX