Pistol Training Courses

Modus Operandi offers five Pistol training courses designed to cover all the development stages of a pistol shooter, from beginning shooters to advanced, defensive and tactical.

Our Five Pistol Training Courses

  1. Level I Basic Handgun
  2. Level II Advanced Handgun
  3. Level III Defensive Handgun
  4. Level IV Tactical Handgun
  5. Level V Fighting Handgun

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FAQs About Our Pistol Training Courses

Where are your defensive shooting classes held?
Level I and level II Classes are held at the Shooter Ready Indoor Range, level III through V courses are taught at the Shoot Ready Action Pistol Sports Outdoor Range.Our training calendars list venues with locations, maps, and directions to the locations.
Do I have to pre-pay for class?
Yes, mail payment in with your student application.
How soon do I need to preregister for an upcoming course?
No later than two weeks before the course.
Do I have to fill out a student registration?
Yes, mail it in with your payment.
Can I withdraw from class and get my money back?
Yes, with 7 days prior notice.
What if I get sick or have an emergency and can't make the class?
Call us as soon as possible. We will reschedule you in another class.
Are shoulder holsters, SOB (small of back) or cross-draw holsters allowed in L-I through L-V class?
No. Private classes/lessons will be done for specific weapon systems.
Are Blackhawk SERPA holsters allowed in class?
Will class be cancelled due to inclement weather?
No. As long as safety to the student and training personnel is not compromised.
Do you offer kids only classes?
Yes but parents must be present.
I don't see a class date that works for me. Can you schedule an L-I through L-V class that is not listed?
Yes. A minimum of 6 students are required to schedule a class with 2 weeks notice.
I had very little experience with a handgun before taking Cody’s classes through Modus Operandi. I wanted to gain some basic knowledge and become more confident in my shooting abilities. I even had a CHL permit, but by no means did I feel prepared to carry a handgun. I have taken levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Cody. I am very impressed by his teaching ability. He is easy to understand and can demonstrate any skill he is trying to teach. After taking the first few classes with Cody, I was amazed with how much information there is to learn in regards to shooting a handgun. I am now confident to carry my handgun in any situation and my abilities have improved tremendously since I began working with Cody. What started out as a mild interest in defensive pistol skills has grown into a passion for handgun shooting. I would recommend Cody’s classes and instruction to anyone interested in defensive pistol shooting. Whether you are new to shooting or carry a handgun on the job, you can learn something from Cody Wilhelm.Todd - Amarillo, TX