Shotgun Training Courses

Many of us have either grown up with or been exposed to a shotgun at some point in our lives. Whether it’s grandpa’s Winchester Model 12 handed down from the previous generation or the Remington 1100 recently bought to rule the 5 Stand, the fowling piece has been relied on since the early nineteenth century. For whatever reason we have one in the home. They are handy. Because of that, this specific weapon system is probably one of the most popular choices when referring to self protection or home defense to be more specific.

So, what is needed in a fighting shotgun? Bear in mind that a human adversary is a different ballgame to a clay pigeon or flying game.


Bill Canyon, TX
I was fortunate enough to attend Cody’s first shotgun workshop Saturday. I can’t say enough about Cody’s thorough preparation and delivery of his new curriculum. First and foremost Cody runs a safe range and expects nothing less from his students. We all learned something, seasoned and new shooters alike. We discovered the capabilities and limitations of our shotguns as well as the different ammunition that may be utilized. It was a very full 4 hours of learning the different configurations and techniques managing the platform. We all had a blast (literally)! I am a better, more competent shooter having gone through this workshop and it is my hope more classes will follow.