Ernie Amarillo, TX

No matter what your goal is for training (more comfortable handling your firearm, getting better at the various shooting "games" or getting serious about personal and family defense) Cody will make you better at them.  He is intense, serious, and passionate about personal defense, which is great, because that transcends everything else. If you get a chance, hire him. You won't regret it. Oh, and he is also a well balanced individual, family man, and person of high character. 

Todd Amarillo, TX

I had very little experience with a handgun before taking Cody's classes through Modus Operandi. I wanted to gain some basic knowledge and become more confident in my shooting abilities. I even had a CHL permit, but by no means did I feel prepared to carry a handgun. I have taken levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Cody. I am very impressed by his teaching ability. He is easy to understand and can demonstrate any skill he is trying to teach. After taking the first few classes with Cody, I was amazed with how much information there is to learn in regards to shooting a handgun. I am now confident to carry my handgun in any situation and my abilities have improved tremendously since I began working with Cody. What started out as a mild interest in defensive pistol skills has grown into a passion for handgun shooting. I would recommend Cody's classes and instruction to anyone interested in defensive pistol shooting. Whether you are new to shooting or carry a handgun on the job, you can learn something from Cody Wilhelm.

Paul Amarillo, TX

I really enjoyed the class. Cody takes his instruction and demonstration seriously and makes sure each student understands the subject matter and reasoning behind each and every skill and topic. I would definitely recommend the class for anyone wanting to sharpen their defensive shooting skills. 

Harrison Amarillo, TX

The class you taught has helped me perform much better in IDPA because now I am able to shoot on the move a lot faster while still looking at the front sight and shooting accurately. My draw has become a lot faster and getting on target is much easier. 

J. Special Agent, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation

As a federal law enforcement officer, I have carried a gun and practiced with it for many years. Last year I became interested in bettering my firearms skills and was fortunate to meet Cody Wilhelm. Watching him in action, it became immediately apparent that he was a highly skilled defensive shooter and tactician. Cody's speed and accuracy are most impressive, as his detailed knowledge of combat handgun tactics. 

In addition to being a remarkable shooter, Cody is an exceptional teacher as well. He can demonstrate a skill and then fully explain the conceptual framework behind the skill. In addition to teaching how something is done, Cody is also careful to explain why things are done a certain way. 

I found my first private lesson with Cody to be invaluable. He revised my stance, improved my grip and helped me to discover that I am left eye dominate. If that weren't enough, I learned that the trigger control technique I was using was completely out of order. No wonder I hadn't been a very good shot all those years! I've also taken a class which was fun and insightful. For the past several months now, I've been ingraining the new fundamentals that Cody taught me. My shooting has markedly improved and I look forward to continuing my training with him. 

Suzie Canyon, TX

Thank you for your Defensive Pistol and CHL classes. They both were very informative and you make it fun and interesting. I look forward to taking more classes with you. And, THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR HELP AND YOUR PATIENCE!!!

Cory Amarillo, TX

All of my classmates that I spoke to said they learned new skills every week. And, we all think you're a very good instructor. THANKS!!! Let's do it again.  P.S. The hats and shirts are way cool!!!

Dennis Amarillo, TX

I did not know what to expect before I took the combat pistol class. My shooting skills were lacking and that translated into a lack of confidence. I came away from this class with the confidence to use my weapon safely and effectively. If the need were to arise I feel much more prepared to protect myself and my family.

Getting outside of the booth at the range and having Cody put us in realistic situations was a great experience. We shot behind cover, around, under, over, right-hand, left-hand, on knees, on bellies, you name it.

Anyone interested in protecting themselves with a handgun should consider taking this class. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it.

Andi Amarillo, TX

I grew up using rifles however had never used a handgun, so I was a bit nervous about the CHL class. I took a private lesson from Cody prior to the class which helped assure me that I was ready to take the full course. Cody's classes are small so there is opportunity to ask questions and hear other peoples thoughts. 

Cody is very committed, thorough and professional in his training and I will continue to recommend him to folks that I know are interested in getting a CHL License. 

Amy Amarillo, TX

I highly recommend Cody to anyone who is wanting to become more knowledgeable, confident and efficient when using a handgun. I had never owned a handgun so we started from ground zero. Cody is very patient, thorough, encouraging and willing to help in any way the student may need. He helped me in choosing the type of gun best suited for my needs and abilities. I had several private lessons with him before a CHL class which helped tremendously with confidence going in. I am looking forward to taking the next levels. 

John Childress, TX

I just completed the 10 hour Texas CHL training with Cody which started and ended on a very positive note. Cody started the class with a message of seriousness getting our attention keeping it thru out the training but he also found time to interject humor making the training very enjoyable. Cody has a true level of professionalism which matches comparably to that of myself in my professional career. Guns are his love and I noted each time he picked up a weapon for inspection at the firing line he knew its manufacturers name and showed a smile of enthusiasm that he just handled it safly. Safety was a high focus thru the entire training. Cody knows the Texas CHL laws and taught it well. Any questions that came about that he couldn't answer to he promised to find out showing a high level of being a good teacher. I highly recommend Cody to you and to my friends for the CHL Training, you won't be bored or unhappy. Knowing Cody I now wish to attend his other training classes he offers knowing I will get training from one of the best in his field. 

Darren Amarillo, TX

I participated in an International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match hosted by Cody Wilhelm of Modus Operandi, LLC and I wanted to take the time to recognize the exceptional efforts he made in ensuring that the training was challenging, dynamic, practical and above all, safe.

I have over 22 years of service as an Infantryman with the U.S. Marine Corps and over 18 months of experience as a security contractor to help frame my impression of Cody Wilhelm and the services he provides as a Defensive Shooting & Tactics Instructor. Cody's acumen in the shooting industry is only heightened by his cool, calm, collected and professional approach to presenting techniques during trainings. 

I have no reservations in recommending Cody Wilhelm's services for either beginners learning to shoot for the first time or seasoned professionals looking to hone an sustain their skills. 

Bill Canyon, TX

I was fortunate enough to attend Cody's first shotgun workshop Saturday. I can't say enough about Cody's thorough preparation and delivery of his new curriculum. First and foremost Cody runs a safe range and expects nothing less from his students. We all learned something, seasoned and new shooters alike. We discovered the capabilities and limitations of our shotguns as well as the different ammunition that may be utilized. It was a very full 4 hours of learning the different configurations and techniques managing the platform. We all had a blast (literally)! I am a better, more competent shooter having gone through this workshop and it is my hope more classes will follow. 

Pearre Amarillo, TX

Shotgun class started on time and was very organized. None of those "I guess we'll talk about this" moments. Cody provides instruction for students with all levels of experience....beginner through expert. Would highly recommend this course and hope to participate in follow-up courses in the future. 

Steve Canyon, TX

The defensive shotgun class enabled me to see both the strengths and limitations of a shotgun. I learned necessary skills to interchange between different types of ammunition depending upon the circumstances at hand. The drills conducted during the class allowed me to learn how my shotgun would potentially perform in a defensive situation. That is invaluable to me. Thanks again for the class.