Texas License To Carry (LTC) Course Overview

Texas Concealed Handgun (CHL) indoor range Amarillo, TX

Shooter Ready Gun Club Indoor Range, Amarillo Texas

We have over 100 Bulbs in the range … Shoot with your shades on if you wish!
Shoot the course of fire the way the Texas DPS intended you to shoot it! We have a unique automated range system like no other in the Amarillo, TX area. No more confusion of listening for a start/stop whistle or Instructor yelling “shoot” and “stop”.

Why choose Modus Operandi for your concealed handgun class? That is a great question! Here are a few reasons to come train with us and we think you will agree. The quality and value of what you get for the price is unbeatable!

A Professional Firearms Trainer

  • You, the customer, will be treated with courtesy and respect
  • Your instructor is a highly motivated, positive and encouraging professional
  • Your instructor has attended “train-the-trainer” and adult learning/teaching methodology classes. He has had an education on “how to teach”
  • Modus Operandi, LLC is local. We will be here to answer questions or help in any way possible after the class or even after you receive your Texas LTC permit
  • Modus Operandi, LLC is insured

One Price. No Hidden Fees

  • NO range use fee
  • NO Target fee
  • NO classroom use fee
  • NO classroom material fee
  • NO certificate fee

Clean, Ultramodern Shooting Facility

  • The classroom and range are under the same roof. No driving to the range for proficiency demonstration
  • The classroom and range are climate controlled. No shooting in 30 mph wind with negative (-) wind chill factors
  • Restroom and lavatory are available. No “behind the berm” or port-a-potty
  • Snacks and drinks are available for purchase

Want the same booklet used in class for yourself? Download the LTC-16 here                        TEXAS LICENSE TO CARRY A HANDGUN LAWS

Texas License To Carry (LTC) a handgun

Texas CHL Amarillo Texs and surrounding areas

FAQs About Our Texas License To Carry (LTC) Courses

How do I sign up?
Am I eligible for Texas Concealed Handgun License
Where are the Concealed Handgun Classes held?
Am I guaranteed to pass the CHL class?
I do not own a handgun...Do you rent guns and the necessary equipment?
Do I need a holster and magazine carrier for the TX CHL class?
Can I use my .22 caliber handgun to shoot the proficiency demonstration?
Spoiler title
I have never shot a handgun. Does the Texas License To Carry a handgun class teach proficiency?
I have decided to get a License To Carry a handgun, but haven't shot or handled a firearm in years. Where should I start?
How soon do I need to enroll for an upcoming class?
Can I withdraw from class and get my money back?
What if I get sick or have an emergency and can not make the class
Does the cost of this class include the Texas Department Of Public Safety's application fee?
How much are the State's application fees?
What if the Texas Department of Public Safety denies my application after I take your class? Can I get my money back for your class?
I don't see a class date that works for me. Can you schedule a LTC class that is not listed?
Do you travel out of town to hold Texas LTC classes?
Can you schedule private classes for business/church/school employees?
Are you certified to teach school teachers and administrators?


I just completed the 10 hour Texas Concealed Handgun License training with Cody which started and ended on a very positive note. Cody started the class with a message of seriousness getting our attention keeping it thru out the training but he also found time to interject humor making the training very enjoyable. Cody has a true level of professionalism which matches comparably to that of myself in my professional career. Guns are his love and I noted each time he picked up a weapon for inspection at the firing line he knew its manufacturers name and showed a smile of enthusiasm that he just handled it safly. Safety was a high focus thru the entire training. Cody knows the Texas CHL laws and taught it well. Any questions that came about that he couldn’t answer to he promised to find out showing a high level of being a good teacher. I highly recommend Cody to you and to my friends for the CHL Training, you won’t be bored or unhappy. Knowing Cody I now wish to attend his other training classes he offers knowing I will get training from one of the best in his field.John Childress, TX